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Another Milestone of Singclean Medical
singclean | 2020-05-27

2020 marks Singclean Medical’s 17th anniversary of establishment, with our great employees and our pursuit of excellence, Singclean has grown from a small company with 30 people, specialising in the development and manufacture of anti-adhesion products to an international enterprise now having more than 300 staff and playing a major part in shaping the future of absorbable biomaterials industry. Singclean’s main innovations including injectable hyaluronic acid-based products, stop bleeding products, in vitro diagnostic test kits and natural cosmetics, are currently available in over 70 countries around the world.

The most obvious sign of Singclean’s growth is that the industrial base is expanded from 3,320 m2 to 13,000 m2 and moved from the Fuyang District to Xiasha New Area where many medical centers and Zhejiang’s top universities are located.

This year, despite all the challenges that have come with the COVID-19 outbreak, Singclean still decides to carry out the expansion plan and invest 100 million RMB (approximately $14 million USD) to build a new research and innovation center focused on strengthening our ability to serve more patients with high-quality, innovative medical devices and attracting the best talent to work for Singclean Medical.


Building Rendering

This new 15,267 m2 research and innovation center with 8 floors is even bigger than the current industrial base and includes R&D laboratories, laboratory animal rooms, workshops, office relaxation area as well as a parking lot.

Right now, Singclean has broken the ground for the new building and it is estimated to put into operation in May, 2021.

This investment certainly displays our determination and ambition to lead the absorbable biomaterial industry.

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