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Mid-Year Review and Forecast: Thoughts on the Trend of Medical Device Products in the Second Half of 2023
singclean | 2023-05-17

In response to the development trend of the meidcal industry, some leading medical device companies have formulated detailed development plans to promote their business growth and meet changing market demands. Attributable to the aging population and rising chronic diseases coupled with rising demand for modern medical equipment in emerging markets. The sales of the global medical device market are expected to reach a record high, providing huge development opportunities for medical device companies.


In terms of product development, dermal injection products are considered to be one of the key development directions of the future medical device market. With the increase in people's demand for beauty and plastic surgery, dermal injection technology has become a popular choice for non-surgical beauty. The market demand for dermal injection products is expected to grow further by 2023. On the other hand, in vitro testing products will also play an important role in the medical device industry. As people pay more attention to health and the impact of public health emergencies such as epidemics, the demand for in vitro testing products shows a trend of rapid growth. In 2023, the in vitro testing market is expected to continue to expand, including rapid diagnostic kits, portable monitoring equipment, and smart medical devices.


In response to the development trend of the medical device market, Singclean is taking the following measures:

Increase investment in research and development: increase investment in research and development, and strengthen the development and innovation of new products. Singclean is already developing multi-effect dermal injection products to meet the needs of people of different age groups.


Establish partnerships: In order to promote innovation and speed up the product launch process, Singclean will actively seek in-depth cooperation with distributors in various countries to promote Singclean's localized operations in other countries. At the same time, establish a long-term partnership with dealers and grow together. For example, cooperate with Cosmy to promote and expand the influence of Singclean medical products in Thailand.


Improve production capacity: In order to meet market demand, Singclean will increase investment in production capacity. Singclean built a sodium hyaluronate gel workshop (10,000-level clean workshop) of 800 square meters, and added 2 product production lines, equipped with high-viscosity colloid mixing equipment, screening devices, rapid heating and cooling sterilization cabinets, high-viscosity product filling machines, Blister packaging machines and other machines. At the same time, in the field of in vitro testing reagents, instead of traditional manual assembly, it is equipped with a number of automated professional assembly machines to ensure product quality and timeliness of delivery.


Enhance marketing capabilities: Singclean will strengthen marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and product market penetration. They will increase investment in marketing and expand the brand's influence by participating in more professional exhibitions. In Vietnam and Netherlands, establish a overseas office for localized recommendations to make the brand rooted in the place


Focus on quality and safety: Singclean will strengthen product quality and safety management to ensure that products comply with relevant regulations and standards. They will strengthen the quality control system and conduct strict product testing and supervision to provide safe and reliable medical device products. At present, it has obtained ISO13485, GB/T 19001-2016, and other system certifications, and also obtained CE, MDR, NMPA, ANVISA, and other product certifications.


To sum up, Singclean thinks that global medical device sales will continue to grow in its development plan for 2023. They will focus on the R&D and innovation of dermal injections and in vitro testing products, and take various measures to respond to changes in market demand, including increasing R&D investment, establishing partnerships, improving production capacity, enhancing marketing capabilities, and focusing on product quality and safety.