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Singclean Global Trip: Singclean Brought Its Brand from China to South-East Asia Country
singclean | 2023-03-09

Singclean started its South-East Asia trip on 20th 2023. During this time, Singclean has participated in APAO 2023 and public welfare activities in Thailand and also visited some of our valued business partners.


Established in 1960, APAO is a regional professional organization of ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region, which is composed of professional societies of ophthalmology from member countries and regions such as the Chinese Society of Ophthalmology, the Society of Ophthalmology of Australia and New Zealand, the Society of Ophthalmology of Japan and the Society of Ophthalmology of Korea. It is the largest regional academic organization in the world.


During the exhibition time, Singclean ophthalmic viscosurgical device has been practically operated by a professional eye surgery doctor. (Check here for the video: ) Also, many buyers came to Singclean’s booth for asking more details about the product details, and talking about the different user experiences between HA gel and HPMC, like raw material from Bio-fermentation ensured safety and biocompatibility, low concentration is easy to remove and high concentration provides better support to the surgery space.  Based on those enlightening thoughts, they found more opportunities for further cooperation.


After a long-time online communication caused by Covid-19, Singclean has been invited to visit a local Malaysia medical products distributor.  From the mutual communication face to face, Singclean has found that many hospitals and medical device distributors in South-East Asia countries,  thought the most important reason for purchasing medical devices is the product quality and not the price. They want to bring the best treatment experience to every patient, by using trustful medical devices. It is also what Singclean emphasizes.



After APAO 2023, Singclean brought its influence into Thailand. Working together with Cosmy,  one of the most professional companies with perfect distribution channels and marketing experience of medical equipment in Thailand, Singclean donated its Covid-19 test kits to three government public hospitals for supporting them in fighting against Covid-19. Due to the deep partnership between them, Singclean has made a major breakthrough in the field of medical devices and Cosmy has expanded its product categories and influence in Thailand. At the same time, they worked together to bring medical products that can be trusted and long-term used, by every patient in Thailand.


In 2023, Singclean will still be on the road to bringing its influence to the world, through its research and development of medical devices and expanding its product line to produce more medical products for more patients’ health problems. Singclean hopes that there will be one day when every patient will use the trustful and long-term use medical device which is created by Singclean.