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SingRejuve Emulsified With Cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Plastic Surgery


It is intended for deep dermal injection to correct static forehead wrinkles.

Core Ingredients:

Emulsified cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, (the cross-linking agent is divinyl alcohol), sodium chloride, phosphate buffer and water for injection.


18mg/mL 0.5mL, 0.75mL, 1mL, 2mL


Groundbreaking: First-of-Its-Kind emulsified cross-linking technology.

Safe: Biological fermentation HA raw material, Excellent biocompatibility and can be degraded in the body.

More Natural: emulsified gel having a smoother and more uniform consistency brings a more even and natural appearance and the result can last through 6 months.

Enhanced Spreadability: cover a larger treatment area with a single injection point. Beneficial for addressing wrinkles on the entire face efficiently.

Easier to Inject: reduce discomfort for the patient and provide the practitioner with more control.

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