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Collagen Essence



A new day, let face more "water" a little


Deep sea collagen/multiple collagen molecules hydrating/ moisturizing /moisturizing and bright

Product Details

Product Name: SKFORMULA Collagen Nourishing Repair Essence

Product content: 30g

Ingredients: Water, sodium hyaluronate

Applicable population: any population (except those who are allergic to fish gelatin)


Why do we suffer some skin problems?

Due to the influence of the external environment and the growth of age, we are suffering from the phenomenon of dull,  dry skin, sagging and forming wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores,  and so on.  All of this is due to the dehydration of the skin.


Infuse Skin with "Water Power"

A. Deep Sea collagen - Derived from deep sea Essence hydrating double

B. Triple collagen molecule - Step by step to enhance skin vitality

C. SINGCLEAN - Delicate ratio to keep skin hydrated

D. Associate Patent Plus - Safe and pure


Method of Use

After you clean your skin, take one of these products and turn the cork open.  Apply it evenly on the face, neck, etc., and gently massage the skin to absorb, help the skin repair and lock the moisture, to achieve the effect of hydration.


Application Scenario

A. Home skin care: Use one piece of this product on the cleanser to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated.

B. Travel: You can carry one piece of this product to keep skin hydrated and delay skin aging

C. This product can also repair skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays

D. Makeup to a, can keep the skin moisturized, makeup not card powder

E. Keep your skin active after working overtime and staying up late

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