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Singclean® for Ophthalmic Surgery Is Registered with DIGEMID in Peru
singclean | 2019-08-27


We are excited to announce that today, Singclean® for ophthalmic surgery is registered with the Directorate General of Drug Supplies and Drugs (DIGEMID) in Peru. It’s obvious that Singclean® for ophthalmic surgery are in high demand in Peru as we have received a lot of inquiries in a long time. So we made a great effort to support the registration process in order to provide an ideal viscoelastic solution for ophthalmic surgery for patients in Peru.

What is Singclean®?


Singclean® works as a surgical aid in ophthalmic anterior and posterior segment surgery including: Cataract extraction, Corneal transparent, Glaucoma, Filtering and Secondary lens implantation. It’s colourless and transparent gel, composed of highly purified sodium hyaluronate dissolved in buffered saline.

When should consider Singclean®?

As viscoelastic solution for ophthalmic surgery, hyaluronic acid can protect tissue out of mechanical damage from surgery device through shock absorption and cell layer lubrication. High maintain the good view for surgery operation.




How to use Singclean®:

1. Cataract extraction surgery, IOL implantation: 0.2-0.75ml into anterior chamber, 0.1ml on the IOL spreading.

2. Cataract surgery: 0.1-0.5ml injection into anterior chamber.

3. IOL implantation: before implantation 0.1-0.5 injection into anterior chamber, 0.1ml on the IOL spreading.

4. Corneal transplant surgery: after removal of corneal, 0.1-0.5ml injection into anterior chamber, after transplant of corneal spreading around 0.1ml.