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Hangzhou Singclean In Expo Med June 5-7 Mexico City
singclean | 2019-06-14



Among all the exhibitions Hangzhou Singclean has participated in, Expo Med can be called a landmark initiative. It’s the very first time for Hangzhou Singclean to attend Expo Med which is the best trade show for the healthcare industry in Mexico and Central America. And it’s also the very first time for Expo Med to have Hangzhou Singclean here who is the most valuable absorbable medical product manufacturer in the show. And this is the first time we have invited our exclusive local distributors to be our booth hosts, and they are definitely the expo stars. Without their help, we wouldn’t have attracted so many new  customers.

The stop bleeding serial, like absorbable hemostatic particles and absorptive gauze of oxidized regenerated cellulose became our most popular products in Mexico and Central America. The anti-adhesion gel and articular injection products got a lot of inquiries. A client immediately ordered 1000 pcs ophthalmic viscoelastic devices and a client for rapid test requested a monthly demand of 250,000 pcs for drug abuse tests… Singclean had a very busy schedule there.

Although Singclean’s booth was always crowded with visitors, there were still fewer visitors in Hall 2 when compared with Hall 1. Mr. Li, the marketing manager of Singclean figured out what the problem was and suggested that the organizer should set a direction board and close the side exit in Hall 1 to remind visitors of exhibitors in Hall 2, which can give visitors more chances to explore great products. Other exhibitors in Hall 2 from Germany and China also came to Singclean’s booth and expressed their gratitude for this great advice.

We do believe attention to detail matters and we know the fruitful results achieved in this exhibition would be a milestone in Singclean’s business in central America.