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Singclean Medical: Shining at IMCAS ASIA 2024, leading the new trend of anti-aging aesthetics in Thailand
singclean | 2024-06-26

From June 21 to 23, 2024, Singclean Medical and its medical beauty star products Singfiller® and Singderm® were grandly exhibited at IMCAS ASIA 2024. This top international academic event in the field of professional beauty and anti-aging science was grandly held in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing together top talents in dermatology, plastic surgery and anti-aging from Asia and around the world to discuss cutting-edge advances, breakthrough technologies and the latest academic information in beauty clinical practice.


At this conference, Singclean Medical not only announced the important news that the two series of Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Injection, Singfiller® and Singderm®, will be certified by Thailand TFDA in November this yearbut also invited the industry's authoritative expert, Chen Li (Department Of Plastic Surgery Of Sir Run Runshaw Hospital Zhieiiang University Grand Canal Campus Director, Deputy Chief Physician)


to discuss in depth the cutting-edge theme of "Layered Anti-Aging and Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation", to gather wisdom and empower the participating experts and scholars to understand the cutting-edge anti-aging concepts of Singfiller® and Singderm® face to face, to promote high-standard and high-level aesthetic exchanges at home and abroad, to promote the common progress of aesthetic value concepts and injection techniques, and to jointly draw a new blueprint for the medical beauty industry.

Singfiller® and Singderm® have won wide acclaim from doctors and patients around the world for their excellent quality, safety and significant and lasting effects. The performance of these products in the Thai market is also highly anticipated. Singclean Medical has signed a cooperation agreement with local distributors, and the products are expected to be officially certified by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) in November this year.

Although Singfiller® and Singderm® have not yet been officially certified in Thailand, their outstanding performance and good reputation in other global markets have aroused great interest from local agents and doctors in Thailand. Many industry insiders are looking forward to the introduction of these two products and believe that they will bring new vitality and choices to the medical beauty field in Thailand.

The characteristics of Singfiller® and Singderm® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Injection are that their effects are natural and last for a long time, which makes them particularly popular in anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments. The success of Singfiller® and Singderm® lies not only in their technological innovation, but also in their deep understanding and satisfaction of the needs of beauty seekers. With their official entry into the Thai market, Singfiller® and Singderm® are expected to further expand their influence in the global medical beauty field and bring hope and confidence to more consumers seeking beauty and rejuvenation solutions.

The launch of Singfiller® and Singderm® in Thailand will surely accelerate Singclean Medical's global strategic layout. Looking ahead, Singclean Medical will leverage its advantages in R&D, manufacturing, quality control and services, stick to its original aspirations, deepen innovation, strictly adhere to quality, strengthen medical resources, promote brand academic construction, create industry benchmarks, and give more new potential to the sustainable development of the global medical beauty industry.