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Singclean Medical will participate in IMCAS 2024, leading the new trend of medical beauty and heading for a new chapter in the future
singclean | 2024-06-18

The highly anticipated IMCAS 2024 will be held in Thailand on June 21, 2024, and will bring together experts, scholars, industry elites and practitioners in the field of medical beauty from all over the world. The highly anticipated Singclean Medical will bring its medical beauty star product, Singderm® (Modified Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Injection) and Singfiller® (Cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Plastic Surgery), to this event, and will join hands with Chief Physician Chen Li, Department Of Plastic Surgery Of Sir Run Runshaw Hospital Zhieiiang University, to jointly open a new chapter in medical beauty.


As a leading medical beauty brand in China, Singclean Medical has always adhered to the product concept of "safety, effectiveness, and innovation" and focused on the research development and promotion of high-quality medical beauty products. At this exhibition, Singclean Medical will focus on displaying its flagship product, Singderm® and Singfiller®. With its excellent filling effect and durability, this product has established a good reputation in the global medical beauty market and has won the favor of consumers.

It is worth mentioning that Singderm® and Singfiller® not only performs well in filling effects but also has significant advantages in safety. It strictly follows national drug regulatory standards and adopts advanced biotechnology to ensure the purity and stability of the product. In addition, Singclean Medical also actively cooperates with well-known experts at home and abroad to continuously optimize product formulas and improve product performance to meet the personalized needs of different consumers.

In addition to product display, Singclean Medical also specially invited Chief Physician Chen LiDepartment Of Plastic Surgery Of Sir Run Runshaw Hospital Zhieiiang University, to give an academic speech on site. As a leading figure in the field of medical beauty in China, Chief Physician Chen Li has rich clinical experience and profound academic attainments. He will combine his many years of practical experience to share the application experience and skills of facial filling, providing participants with valuable learning and communication opportunities.

Singclean Medical looks forward to using the platform of IMCAS 2024 to establish close cooperative relations with more industry colleagues and potential customers to jointly promote the development of the medical beauty industry. We firmly believe that through this event, Singclean Medical will further consolidate its brand influence, expand its market share, and inject new impetus into the company's sustainable development.

We sincerely invite you to IMCAS 2024 to witness the glorious moment of Singclean Medical. 

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In the beautiful land of Thailand, let us work together to create a bright future for the medical beauty industry!