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2024 central learning group team building activity of Singclean Medical
singclean | 2024-05-27

In order to further promote the company's sustained, stable, and healthy development, extensively gather the pioneering forces of the company, and actively create a company atmosphere of hard work, on May 25, Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd. held a theme event in the Yulaoda Grand Leisure Grand View Garden with the theme of " Walking in the fields in the wind, heading towards a better life together" 2024 central learning group team building activity.


On the morning of May 25, the members of the central learning group started this team-building activity in a happy mood. Everyone first went to the loquat picking garden to pick loquats. Through the introduction of local fruit farmers, all members worked together to harvest many baskets of loquats. Then the study group members went to a characteristic farm and tasted local farm dishes. After working hard in the morning and tasting delicious meals, all members realized the importance of hard work, which stimulated team cohesion and collaboration, effectively improving employee happiness and satisfaction. Finally, "live CS" can feel happy through confrontation games and experience the courage, faith, and comradeship that can only be inspired by a real battlefield environment. Through discussion, distribution, and execution, everyone experiences mutual collaboration, mutual trust, and mutual encouragement in the game.


Although this team-building and expansion training was only a short day, it fully demonstrated the enterprising and positive demeanor of the members of the central learning group, further enhanced the centripetal force, cohesion, and execution of the management team, and created a team that is not afraid of difficulties, united, collaborative and cohesive, and a win-win cultural atmosphere. In the next step, members of the center's learning group will integrate team spirit into their daily lives and work, and truly shoulder the original mission of employees of medical companies.