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Singclean Medical Leads The Innovative Development of The Medical Device Industry
singclean | 2024-01-08

2023 Review: Innovation-driven, Continued Growth


In the past year, Singclean Medical has adhered to the development philosophy of innovation as its core and continued to promote technological progress in the field of medical devices. A series of products such as injectable cross-linking, medical sodium hyaluronate, absorbable hemostatic products, and in vitro detection reagents have achieved significant market share. Singclean Medical's market position has steadily improved, contributing to the progress of the medical industry and the well-being of patients.


In terms of product research, Singclean Medical has been committed to leading technological innovation in the industry, and through continuous investment in research and development, the products under development include: Skformula Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing, Singmeso Light Crosslinked Sodium Hyaluronate Solution for Mesotherapy, Singone Cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate For Intra -Articular Single Injection, Surgiclean® Absorbable Collagen Hemostotic Sponge, etc., thereby improving the patient's treatment effect and quality of life.


In terms of sales promotion, Singclean Medical has increased the market penetration of its products by establishing a global sales network and strengthening close cooperation with partners. Singclean Medical's products are now sold in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, such as Italy, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, and Chile.


2024 Plan: Comprehensive Upgrade, Global Leadership


Facing 2024, Singclean Medical actively responds to industry development trends and formulates a comprehensively upgraded development strategy to further consolidate its leading position in the field of medical devices.


In terms of product research, Singclean Medical will continue to increase investment in research and development and promote the development of new generation medical device products. In particular, Singclean Medical plans to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions and medical experts, and use global wisdom to provide more innovative and safe medical solutions.


In terms of sales promotion, Singclean Medical will actively expand into emerging markets while deeply exploring existing markets. Through digital marketing methods, we will enhance brand awareness, expand our partner network, and help our products serve patients around the world more broadly.


In terms of employees, Singclean Medical will strengthen internal training programs to improve the professional level of employees and cultivate more industry professionals. Singclean Medical believes that having an innovative and professional team is an important guarantee for achieving Singclean Medical's long-term development goals. We will continue to pay attention to employees' work-life balance, provide a more competitive salary and benefit system, and add more employee care projects to create a more pleasant working environment for employees.


Through unremitting efforts, Singclean Medical is committed to becoming a global leader in the field of medical devices, providing more advanced and reliable medical products and services to patients around the world. In the new year, Singclean Medical looks forward to working with its partners to create brilliance and contribute more to the development of the medical industry.