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Exciting News! A 300 Million RMB Medical Cosmetology Cooperation Agreement was reached between Singclean and BD Medical!
singclean | 2023-11-14

Singclean Medical successfully entered into a a new strategic cooperation agreement with Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) on November 9th at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE). This agreement encompasses a contract of 300 million RMB for the supply of pre-filled hyaluronic acid injection syringes, aiming to providing millions of beauty aficionados with an enhanced and safer experience. The two medical corporates will collaborate to elevate standards in medical aesthetics industry, jointly establishing a benchmark for high-quality medical aesthetics. Additionally, We aim to expand the selection of made-in-China medical beauty products available on the international market. Sun Weiqing, the General Manager of Hangzhou Singclean Medical, and Jiang Wei, the Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Excellence for BD Medical in Greater China, attended the signing ceremony.


A 300 million RMB contract has been reached, benefiting tens of millions of people longing for beauty.

By applying Hylok glass pre-filled syringe customized by BD Medical for viscous medications, Singclean Medical offers Singfiller and Singderm with significantly higher resistance to pull-out force and torque. With Hylok,Singclean Medical supplies the dermal fillers that minimizes the danger of needle-syringe disconnection, risking leakage and product contamination, which will improve the injection experience! Hylok glass pre-filled syringe is the ideal partner of Singfiller and Singderm dermal fillers, with accurate liquid transfer and precise injection, it brings ideal injection experience to beauty seekers.

Apart from the partnership with BD concerning pre-fillable syringes, it is noteworthy to highlight that Singclean Medical maintains a rigorous quality control process, which encompasses every stage of production, including sourcing raw materials, filling, sterilization, labeling, and packaging, being subject to thorough scrutiny.

Elevated medical aesthetics quality will empower Chinese manufacturing to expand internationally


The medical aesthetics industry in China possesses immense market potential and ample room for development. People’s awareness of beauty and health is growing,and China has outperformed several other countries in terms of surgical innovation and clinical outcomes with its policy support and technological advancements. It is crucial to offer secure and effective solutions for beauty aficionados in order to meet the changing needs and trends in medical beauty, which is the exact reason for the notable rise in popularity of Singfiller's bi-phase cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel.

Singclean Medical, a prominent player in China's absorbable biomaterials industry since 2002, has extended its expertise across various fields such as medical devices, medical aesthetics, skincare, and in vitro diagnostic reagents. Especially has a long history to cooperate with BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems in the field of injectable hyaluronic acid. Besides Singclean Medical’s Singfiller and Singderm cross-linked hyaluronate gel for plastic surgery series, Singjoint medical sodium hyaluronate gel for orthopedic surgery and Singclean medical sodium hyaluronate gel for ophthalmic surgery also apply BD pre-filled syringe. The outstanding quality of Singclean Medical’s products are highly valued by our customers overseas and domestic.


Singfiller, a bi-phasic cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel developed by Singclean Medical, it is a sterile, transparent, colorless gel of HA produced with microbial fermentation technology. Its benefits include good biocompatibility, natural injection results and long-lasting effects. Singfiller has gained widespread acceptance across Chinese provinces, boasting a monthly average domestic sales volume surpassing 500,000 units. Singfiller has been registered in multiple countries across the European Union, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, comparable to international brands, and is exported to over 30 countries worldwide. Singderm was rewarded China HA Filler lnnovative Brand & China Most Loved HA Filler Brand in 2021. Singderm was published in the first Chinese edition of the international beauty and plastic surgery magazine ASJ.

Hangzhou Singclean Medical's General Manager, Sun Weiqing, stated, "As an upstream enterprise in the field of medical aesthetics, I believe that ensuring quality is the first step for a company to survive in the long term. Secondly, with the trend of consumption sinking and democratization, we need to pursue a globalized supply chain, achieve a certain scale, and strive for a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness to achieve greater development. Thirdly, globalization. Chinese manufacturing still has advantages globally, and the internationalization of Chinese products presents a significant opportunity for our medical aesthetics industry. Therefore, Singclean Medical has always been committed to a globalized path. We have a strong market presence in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East."


The Singclean Medical's ultimate goal is to offer more superior medical aesthetic services to beauty aficionados. Hyaluronic acid has thus been the subject of 20 years of research conducted by Singclean Medical, with a focus on quality control, supply chain management, and global expansion. These strategic plans are crucial for Singclean Medical to continuously achieve breakthroughs in high-caliber development.

In the future, Singclean Medical aims to collaborate with outstanding companies like BD Medical to bring made-in-China medical products to global customers.