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Singclean Medical employees enthusiastically participate in charity blood donation activities
singclean | 2023-10-26

October 23, 2023, Singclean Medical – In order to promote the spirit of public welfare and contribute to social welfare, Singclean Medical and Qiantang District MUNICIPALHEALTH COMMISSION jointly organized a blood donation event. This event received a positive response from the company's employees, demonstrating the company's firm determination in public welfare undertakings.


Singclean Medical employees actively responded to the call for blood donation activities, and a total of more than 20 employees embarked on this glorious public welfare road. They gave their love and blood without hesitation and contributed to those in need.


Blood donation is an important public welfare activity. Donating blood not only saves lives, but also helps patients who are in urgent need of blood. Blood is a precious resource that cannot be synthesized artificially, and many diseases and emergencies require a timely supply of blood. Therefore, every drop of blood donation can bring new life to others and add hope to society.


Singclean Medical has always adhered to the values of public welfare. As a medical device company, Singclean Medical is well aware of the preciousness of life, so Singclean Medical actively participates in various public welfare activities, such as blood donation, charitable donations, community services, etc. Singclean Medical always encourages employees to actively participate, integrate the company's social responsibilities into daily work, and promote dedication and care.


Singclean Medical employees' participation in blood donation activities not only reflects the company's social responsibility but also contributes to the company's sustainable development. By participating in charity activities, employees will be more closely united and enhance collaboration and team spirit. This will help improve the company's overall quality and image, attract more talents to join Singclean Medical's team, and further promote the company's innovation and development.

Singclean Medical firmly believes that through continuous charity actions, it can contribute more love to society, create more opportunities for the company's future development, and at the same time bring warmth and hope to those in need.